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"Kate, what the hell you were going to leave me too."

God I need to know about Scott and Kateʻs relationship and life before the show because this is killing me. Siblings kill me. 

"weʻre just gonna go ahead and redistribute that wealth in our direction, you people be nice about it…"

you are literally robbing a bank and youʻre like “okay well lets just play nice” like omg Seth you are fucking ridiculous. wise ass motherfucking butthole. like ugh. I love Seth guys. Protect Seth Gecko 2k14. hilarious bastard. 


an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.


We burned the libraries. We destroyed the 
temples. Everything that was beautiful then is lost
to us now - Clementine Von Radics


Final Fantasy XV Sidequest

It would be a time trial too


shinji missed the dress code memo


Gay is aight if you wanna say it for yourself but like for obvious reasons not all queer people like it please stop pretending its ok to speak for an entire group ♥♥



100% fool proof way of catching hannibal lecter is in his shopping receipts

You eat an awful lot of meat for somebody who doesn’t yknow

Buy any.

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